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LED Display Motor Voltage Protection Relay With Over-Voltage and Under-Voltage Function



80A 1phase Over/Under voltage fast acting protective relay

  • Controls its own supply voltage (True RMS measurement).

  • Single phase Over-Voltage and Under-Voltage Fast protector, Real Time Voltage Monitoring integrated into one relay.

  • Operating voltage value, failure state, time delays are displayed on the LED Nixie tube.

  • Various parameters are set by pressing the buttons and protective functions can be opened or closed in the same way.

  • The rated operational range is AC 100-400V.

  • The rated supply voltage is AC220-240

  • Working frequency range: 45-65Hz

  • The relay is 35mm DIN rail TH mountable.

  • Voltage measurement accuracy ≤ 1%.

  • Over-Voltage Actuation Time: 0.1 sec

  • Control status is indicated by LED display


Protection of household and other voltage sensitive equipment from over voltage and under voltage.

Installation method

The protective relay can be inserted directly into a standard TH rail.


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