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Auto start modules

Model: AECM105



Click "Add to Cart" button, then "continue shopping" button located on the "Shipment and payment choice page", select and add some extra features or items available for this controller to the cart (see table A below).

User Manual

AECM105 Description

The Model AECM105 is a Multi-attempt Automatic Engine Control Module designed to automatically/remotely from mobile phone/ and manually start and stop the engine. It will indicate the operational status and fault conditions, automatically shut down the engine and indicate the start engine failure by a flashing “ST. FAIL” LED as well as informing operator about an issue via text message. Other functions and possible engine fault conditions are also visually shown via a set of LEDs located on the module.

AECM105 is designed to receive start/stop commands from a CS (Control Server) mobile phone number which has been initially registered with AECM105 or via direct call from that number. AECM105 is capable of storing up to 10 CS numbers (index 0~9) giving you and your colleagues an equal opportunity to control your engine from any place on earth where mobile network is available. You won’t be charged for a call from CS phone number because the AECM105 module will hang up incoming call immediately after recognizing you as a valid registered operator.
AECM105 is fitted inside a polycarbonate IP67 rated enclosure. Wired remote control is also available through terminals 5 & 13 [using ordinary maintained N/O switch]. Wireless local control via a key fob may also be available
as an option (£22.00 per key fob). Programming is possible via specially coded SMS or PC. All functions and method of programming are described in PDF manual.

What you can do as an operator:

Text "start" to start your generator remotely. After successful start you will receive "engine running" text message.
Text "stop" to stop your generator remotely. You should then receive "engine not running" text message.
If the engine failed to start - text "status?" to check the state of the engine.
In this situation you may receive a reply: "engine not running. status:alarm" which means the engine couldn't start this time.
Text "stop" to cancel previous "start" command, wait for about 1 min and try to start the engine again by texting "start". If no success please consider to come and see the generator to identify the problem (low battery, low fuel etc).  

As an extra option we can provide a battery monitoring system built-in which will be monitoring your engine starting battery voltage and informing you via text message should it falls below the set threshold.

AECM105 module has a wide range of programmable timers on-board:

5x second timers with 0....65535 sec range
5x minute timers with 0....65535 min range
5x daily timers with 0:0....23:59 range
7x weekly timers
7x monthly timers
Each timer can start, run and stop the engine. We can assist you with setting up these timers if required.

The module comes with printed user manual, wiring diagram, RS232 programming cable, software (please download it from the link shown in PDF manual) and aerial. To get a better reception in some rural areas you may consider to order our external magnetic based aerial (cost £15.00).
Please don't hesitate to contact us for a good and friendly advice.

Key Features

  • IP67 rated enclosure

  • Remote / Local start and stop

  • Low oil pressure shut down

  • High engine temperature shut down

  • Manual / Remote shutdown by pressing emergency stop push button

  • Over speed shut down

  • Under speed shut down

  • Self-regulated duration of each attempt

  • Automatic pre-heat before start via glow plug (optional, please consider using table "A" shown below)

  • Automatic load control (optional, please consider using table "A" shown below)

  • Can be programmed to work with normally open fuel solenoid (energize-to-stop type)

  • Wireless start / stop (optional, please consider using table "A" shown below)

  • Very low power consumption in stand-by mode (~15mA max)

  • All parameters are user configurable (prior to order)

Table A

Optional Features/Items




Add to current order

Output for a glow plug (pre-heat)


Battery Voltage Sensor [option 1]
"Low Battery" warning message


Battery Voltage Sensor [option 2]
auto start engine@low battery voltage,
auto stop engine@high battery voltage


Load Control output


My generator has N/O fuel solenoid valve
with mechanically driven fuel pump configuration


24/7 Digital timeswitch


Wireless start / stop
remote control (key fob)

from 22.00

Emergency stop button


12V 1A Lead acid trickle charger


GSM external aerial


40A 12V or 20A 24V fuel/starter/pre-heat/
control external power relays.

3.00 (each)

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