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Remote engine/generator control via mobile network

Auto start modules


Operating voltage: 110-240VAC or/and
Working frequency: 900/1800
Contact capacity: ≤ 10A/277
VAC; 10A/30VDC
Remote control distance: virtually unlimited

Relay output: one normally open
Module size
(mm):100 X 65 X 33
Weight: 145g

Package Includes:
1x GSM Smart Switch
1x Manual with wiring diagram

This GSM Smart Switch allows switching almost any appliance ON and OFF remotely via mobile network. It is designed to receive start/stop commands from specially coded messages or via direct call (free of charge) from a master number. It is capable to store up to 5 master numbers giving you and your colleagues an opportunity to control a burglar alarm, light in the office, auto start enabled generator, heaters, water pumps, video and audio equipment, motorized gates, electric motors and other industrial or household appliances.
This GSM Smart switch comes with free SIM card (UK only offer) which has to be activated before use.
Our team has carefully selected the best UK mobile network for this GSM Smart Switch among all mobile networks available so you don't have to!
With our carefully selected SIM card you would have to top up £10.00 for a 1st time (you will get £5.00 extra credit for free later) and after that only £5.00 evey 3 months to keep it working. That's only £20.00 a year!


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