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Start generator upon sensing low battery voltage and shutdown on high voltage.

Auto start modules

User Manual (PDF file)

This Battery Voltage Sensor (BVS) is designed to control the battery bank voltage up to 99.9Vdc by automatically starting, running and shutting down the auto start enabled generator (or engine).
How it works
Upon sensing the low voltage threshold, the BVS will close the internal relay contacts (COM and NO) which gives a start signal to the auto start enabled generator. The generator will be running and charging the battery bank until the high voltage threshold detected. When BVS detects the high voltage threshold the internal relay contacts (COM and NO) will open and the generator stops.
The same procedure will repeat once the low voltage threshold detected.
To set up this BVS controller to act as described above please use the following settings:
  • Select the working mode: "P2" (as per user manual instructions) and select the "ON L" relay mode. Connect your auto start enabled generator inputs to the BVS controller "COM" and "NO" terminals.
  • Connect the power supply (the engine starting battery) to "GND" -negative terminal and "Power+" positive terminal.
  • Connect your controlled battery bank negative wire to "GND" and positive wire to "Volt+"
Important note!
It is possible to feed the controller from the same source the BVS is monitoring to if the battery working voltage is not higher than 60Vdc. In this case it is possible to link the "Power+" and "Volt+" terminals together.

However, if the controlled battery working voltage is higher than 60Vdc please feed the BVS controller from the separate battery (such as the engine starting battery 12Vdc) connected to "GND" and “Power+" terminals. The controlled battery bank is connected to "GND" and "Volt+" terminals in this case.

Wiring Diagram

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