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Hyundai ATS auto start controller (1st generation)

ATS Panels/Cables

Hyundai generator compatible ATS auto start controller (1st generation)

This ATS Module compatible with the following Hyundai generators:
DHY8000SELR-T (Three-phase)
This part may also fit Yanmar L90 and L100 derivatives, such as Kipor.

This ATS controller PCB is designed to upgrade some Hyundai diesel generators with auto
start function (wireless control from a key fob is optionally available, this option can be selected during checkout).

Some Hyundai generators don't have the ATS controller fitted, but only the 3 pin socket which is not enough to automatically/remotely start and stop the generator. Our ATS controller could be a solution in this case.The ATS controller PCB has 6 automatic starting attempts for
reliable engine start and “engine running” monitor which is automatically monitoring the state of
engine between each starting attempt and also constantly after succsessful start. Should the
ATS controller run out of starting attempts and the engine couldn’t start, the ATS controller will
indicate this failure by the intermittent sound. To reset the ATS controller: press button “B” on your
key fob or, if the engine was initially operated from the ATS panel connected to 3 pin ATS
socket – disconnect the 3 pin plug and/or switch off the “generator start” request from ATS
panel connected to it.  

Please also refer to your original user manual and wiring diagram when performing connections.
The wireless control (key fob) doesn't come with battery fitted, to comply with batteries shipping regulations.

Download User Manual

Fitting Instructions

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