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Hyundai ATS auto start controller (2nd generation)

Auto start modules
Hyundai generator compatible ATS auto start controller (2nd generation)

This ATS Module compatible with the following Hyundai generators:
DHY8000SELR-T (Three-phase)
It also fits to Ford Model FD7200 generator.


Important note!
Please consider using a trickle charger connected 24/7 to your generator starting battery.
The 12V Hyundai control box (part of your Hyundai generator) may not let to start and run the generator if the battery is not fully charged.

This ATS controller is designed to upgrade some Hyundai dieselgenerators with wired auto start function (so-called 2 wire start-stop).Additionally it may expand the generator functionality providing useful services such as wireless control, automatic battery control and charge, pre-heat before start (for engines with a glow plug fitted) and automatic load control. Most Hyundai generators have 3 pin ATS socket fitted, however the ATS controller may be missing or doesn’t have the required functionalities, so our ATS controller could be a solution in this case. The ATS controller has 6 automatic starting attempts (2-3-4-5-6-7sec) for reliable engine start and the “engine running” monitor which is automatically checking the state of the engine between each starting attempt and constantly after the successful start. Besides that this ATS controller can monitor an external or internal battery bank (12V or 24V) automatically starting the engine after detecting the low battery voltage threshold level. When the battery voltage becomes equal or higher than the high voltage threshold it will automatically stop the engine. This function is particularity useful for the generators left unattended for a long period of time. The ATS controller can be also used as a load controller. Having the load controller on-board the generator starts automatically without the load connected, then, when the engine warm-up time has expired, the ATS controller will put the running engine on load. When stop command received the load will be disconnected immediately leavingthe engine running for some time for a cool-down period following the full stop. This function prolongs the engine life and comply with the manufacturer requirements. Should the ATS controller run out of all automatic starting attempts and the engine didn't start, the ATS controller will indicate this failure by the slow intermittent sound. The pre-heating cycle happens in accompaniment with the fast intermittent sound. The engine run failure (low fuel shutdown or emergency stop) will trigger the continuous sound. This way the user will understand what happens to the generator not even looking at it. As an extra option the ATS controller may be supplied with the wireless key fob.
To reset the ATS controller after the engine failure was identified and fixed: press button “B” on your key fob or, if the engine was initially started from the ATS panel connected to the 3 pin ATS socket – disconnect the 3 pin plug and/or switch off the “generator start” request from ATS panel connected to it. If the engine run was initially triggered by the BVS (battery voltage sensor) – please disconnect at least 1 wire connected to the BVS terminal.
Please also refer to your original user manual and wiring diagram when performing connections.
The wireless control (key fob) may come without battery fitted, to comply with batteries shipping regulations.

User Manual

Fitting Instructions

Plug in the ATS controller connector to the generator socket as shown and fit the PCB where possible with 4 sticky pads provided. Avoid any electrical contact with generator bare metal parts and the ATS controller components. Then fit the generator front panel back on and tighten bolts.
Pre-heater control (optional)

When the ATS controller receives the start command, the glow relay will energise first connecting terminals “E” and “F” together (the buzzer will accompaniment this function with quick intermitting sound), then the fuel and starter relays energised in order to provide the 1st starting attempt. If the 1st starting attempt was unsuccessful, the starter relay will be de-energised for a resting time (10sec), then the glow relay will energise again. This preheat and start cycle will repeat again until the engine starts. After 6 unsuccessful attempts the ATS controller will de-energise all relays and switch on the slow intermitting sound indicating the “engine start failure”.  

Load Control (optional)  

After a successful start, when engine's parameters are settled, the Load Control Relay will energise and connect terminals “C” and “D” together. This energises a customer’s contactor which will connect the AC alternator output to the load. The run time before accepting load and the run time after relieving load (while generator is still running and is ready to accept the load again if the remote/local start signal is switched back on) are reprogrammable with a limit of 255 sec [4.25 min] max. (for each timer).The default warm-up and cool-down time is set for 15 sec.For the load current 10A or less it is possible to use the Load Control Relay only, fitted on the ATS controller. If the load is greater than 10A please use an appropriately rated contactor

BVS (optional)

Used to control the battery which could be the engine starting battery or any other battery connected with the generator charger. The BVS part will start the generator automatically when the low voltage threshold is detected (11.9Vdc set by default). It will run the engine until the high voltage threshold detected (13.0Vdc set by default). These voltage thresholds are adjustable and can be set up by us precisely before shipment. Please let us know if you require any different BVS values.
Extra Items/Features
Add the required feature or item to your Hyundai controller
Wireless key fob to be paired (please select the range)
This key fob will be paired to the Auto Start Control Module you would like to order from us. This key fob cannot be sold separately from the Auto Start Control Module! The actual working distance may vary and depends on working environment.
Hyundai generator 3 Core Cable with 3 Pin Plug Attached (perfect for ATS panel connection)
Hyundai generator ATS plug (female type) and cable.
Suits DHY 6000/8000, EVO 6000 and similar, fits to 16 mm outer diameter male type 3 pin socket.
Hyundai generator 2 Core Cable with 3 Pin Plug Attached (perfect for Inverter switch connection)
Hyundai generator ATS plug (female type) and cable.
Suits DHY 6000/8000, EVO 6000 and similar, fits to 16 mm outer diameter male type 3 pin socket.
Suits DHY 6000/8000, EVO 6000 and similar, fits to 16 mm outer diameter male type 3 pin socket.
Suits the following generating sets: Hyundai DHY 6000 / 8000, EVO 6000 and similar with 3 pin ATS working socket. Capable to run the generator automatically, unattended using 16 on-off programmable time slots. Manual start-stop override function (using "MANUAL" button available on the timer) or wireless start-stop timer override function. Wireless Key Fob button A (or "1") start, button B (or "2") stop. Timer Minimum interval: 1 min
Comes with cable and 3 pin plug attached. (the length of cable can be selected from the menu). Set specific day and time or a group of days when you would like to run the generator. Wall mountable timer with 3 core cable and Hyundai 3 pin plug attached, plug&play device. Power source: Hyundai starting battery 12V (fed from the ATS socket)
Item comes with user manual instructions. Dimensions of timer: 60(L)x60(W)x32(H)mm.
!!! Before ordering: please make sure your Hyundai generator has a working 3 pin ATS socket !!!
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