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HONDA EU70is wireless control

Auto start modules

Model: GC100 (Plug&Play)
for Honda eu70is
[also fits EU7000is]

(comes with standard 100m key fob. 12V battery included)

(comes with 1000m powerful key fob. 12V Battery included)

(comes with 3000m extra powerful key fob. 9V Battry not included)


Click "Add to Cart" button, then select and add some extra key fobs available for this controller to the cart.

Download wiring instructions

Wireless Controller GC100 for HONDA EU70IS


The Model GC100 is a microprocessor operated Wireless Control Module fitted into IP67 rated weatherproof plastic enclosure size 100x68x50mm, designed to start and stop the HONDA eu70is with a key fob.
Operation of the module is via 2 buttons located on the key fob. Button "A" is functioning as a "Main Switch" mounted on the the Honda front panel and button "B" is functioning as an igntion switch. To start the generator press button "A" and then press button "B". To stop the running generator press button "A".
GC100 model comes with 2 m glanded multi-core cable, 1 key fob and Honda EU70IS RC plug fitted. Number of extra key fobs required may be selected during checkout.
To make the model GC100 working: connect the RC Honda plug into corresponded socket located in a battery compartment and then connect the positive wire with red fork terminal to the generator battery positive terminal.

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