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Timer control-generator scheduled start and stop via timeswitch

Time Switch

Set It and Forget It: Generator Scheduled Start and Stop Control

This time switch allows to start and stop your auto start enabled generator within 17 pre-set time slots throughout the whole week.
Please note: your generator should have an auto start input (2 wire start-stop). If it doesn't, please order and fit one of our auto start control modules.

Timer Specification
Power supply: 12Vdc/ac
Hysteresis: 1 sec/day
ON/OFF operation: 17 ON/OFF
Power consumption: 2VA (MAX)
Minimum interval: 1min.
Weight: approx 65g
Switching contact: 1 normally open contact
Power reserve: 3 years (Litium battery)

Timer Wiring Diagram (example of connections to the AECM controller)
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