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Pramac SMS and Key Fob start-stop

Auto start modules
For Pramac models: P4500, S5000, S6500, S8000, S12000, P6000, P6000s, P9000, P14000

(For Pramac generators with active AMF 14 pin socket)


  • Start/Stop from SMS or Phone Call
  • Start from wireless Key Fob (up to 1000m white key fob or up to 100m black key fob)
  • Starting Battery Voltage Control (SMS warning)
  • Generator Running / Not Running SMS warning
  • Generator started from Key Fob SMS warning
  • Up to 10 Control Phone Numbers memory
  • Add/Remove Control Phone Number over SMS
LTE module working bands available:

LTE-FDD: B1, B3, B7, B8, B20, B28A
GSM: B3 / B8
User Guide

  1. Insert the activated SIM card into the sim card slot and close the lid
  2. Fit the aerial
  3. Connect the plastic 14 pin plug into the Pramac AMF socket and 5 pin plug into control module
  4. Connect 2 pin plug into the control module and connect 2 wires (brown and blue) to the generator 110/240Vac output
  5. Turn ignition key switch to ON position
  6. Wait for SMS coming in (you will be asked to synchronise the module's clock and other info). Usually takes about 2-3 min or quicker.
  7. Text "start" to start the generator. Ones generator started you should receive a confirmation SMS.
  8. Text "stop" to stop the generator. Ones generator stopped you should receive a confirmation SMS.
  9. To add a new Control Phone Number- text: CS1=1234567890 ("1234567890" is your new phone number, example) and so on (CS1...CS9)
  10. To delete a Control Phone Number from a certain cell, text: CS1 (or any other cell: CS2...CS9)
  11. Inquiry all available Control Phone Numbers from the module- text: CS?
  12. Start generator from the Key Fob: Press button 1
  13. Stop generator from the key Fob: press button 2

Useful Important Information

Your Main Control Phone Number will be written into CS0 memory cell by us, do not overwrite or delete that cell unless you are 100% sure! You need to give us at least one of your mobile phone number(s) so we could upload it into your control module. The phone number should be uploaded in a local format. For instance: 07749782278 (our UK phone number, you can call us :-) . The key fob cannot be used to stop the running generator which was initially started from SMS/Call and vice versa. This means if you start the generator from the SMS/Phone Call then you need to stop it from SMS too. If you start the generator from the Key Fob, then you need to stop it from the Key Fob too.
Please follow this simple rule to prevent a situation when the Key Fob takes over the current starting SMS command which wouldn't let to stop the running generator from SMS or vice versa.
SIM card not included. Please use your own SIM card. Bear in mind the module's mobile network working bands when ordering the SIM card for this module, try to avoid using 3rd party SIM card companies (such as GiffGaff and similar) as they are quite slow with SMS sometimes and often having other problems.
Stop command over a Phone Call not available. Text "stop" to stop please.
Protect the module from bad weather, dirt, insects and rain (moisture). Don't fit the module inside the metal container as this will block radio signals and the module might not work. We can supply an external aerial for this controller at £15.00, please ask. The module comes with a portable aerial which is enough for normal function where mobile network signal available and not too weak.
The module has 6 automatic starting attempts. Ones start command received it will crank the engine for 3 sec and wait for 10 sec to make sure the engine started. If not, it will try 5 more times increasing each next attempt for 1sec. If generator hasn't started after 6 attempts, the module will stop cranking. To reset the module back to working mode text: stop
It is recommended to find out the reason of non start first before attempting to start the engine another time.

The size of the module: 100x68x50mm (without cables and connectors)
The length of cables supplied: 2m (we can do any length, please ask)
The type of the key fob supplied:
type 1: black key fob (up to 100m working distance)
type 2: white key fob (up to 1000m working distance)
All key fobs may arrive without battery due to the shipping restrictions.
The working distance of the white key fob is up to 1000m (not guaranteed).
The working distance of the black key fob is up to 100m (not guaranteed).
The working distance of the key fob is highly dependent on working environment and other factors.
Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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