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20V...80V AC/DC Protective Relay Against Over / Under Voltage 20V...80V Range


Protection of electrical equipment and motors from over voltage and under voltage.
Can be also used to control the battery bank voltage.

  • Controls its own supply voltage (True RMS measurement).
  • User may select operation mode through knob.
  • Working frequency range: 45-65Hz, DC.
  • The relay is only 18mm wide.
  • The relay is DIN rail TH mountable.
  • Voltage measurement accuracy ≤ 1%.
  • Rated Supply Voltage: AC/DC 24...48V
  • Supply Voltage Limits: AC/DC 15...100V
  • Range Of Adjustment: AC/DC 20...80V
  • Control status is indicated by LED

Installation method

The protective relay can be inserted directly into a standard TH rail.

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