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Auto start modules

Model: AECM105 for Petrol Engine

User Manual

AECM105 for Petrol Engine. Description

The Model AECM105 is an Automatic Petrol Engine Control Module designed to automatically [remotely] or manually start and stop a petrol powered generator / engine. It will indicate the operational status and fault conditions, automatically shut down the engine and indicate the start engine failure by a flashing ST. FAIL LED on the front panel. Other faults are indicated by steady LED.

Operation of the module is via 2 position maintained switch or latching push button [marked as RST switch on wiring diagram] mounted on a wall or any other suitable place with ON-OFF positions. Wireless control of the module is via key fob [optional]. Read more...

Key Features

  • IP67 rated enclosure

  • Remote / Local start and stop

  • High engine temperature shut down

  • Manual / Remote shutdown by pressing emergency stop push button

  • Self-regulated duration of each attempt

  • Wireless start / stop (optional, please consider using table "A" shown below)

  • Very low power consumption in stand-by mode (10mA max)

  • All parameters are user configurable (prior to order)

Table A

Optional Features/Items




Wireless Key fob
(100, 1000, 3000m options available during checkout)

(no battery fitted)

From 22.00

BVS sensor
Able to control an external battery bank voltage as well as the generator starting battery voltage. Runs the generator automatically when the controlled battery voltage drops below the set limit.
2 core glanded cable attached to terminals 19(+) and 20(-) if ordered below:


2 Core Cable for BVS sensor

3.00 (per M)
Note: Please select the number of metres during checkout (use "Quantity" field)

BVS Sensor
(for engine starting battery voltage control only), runs the generator automatically when the starting battery voltage drops below the set limit)


Output for a glow plug (pre-heat)


Load Control output


Settings for N/O fuel solenoid valve
(with mechanically driven fuel pump)


24/7 Digital timeswitch fitted


Panel mounted
emergency stop button switch


12V 1A Lead acid trickle charger


multi-core cable fitted and glanded

3.00 (per M)
Note: Please select the number of metres during checkout (use "Quantity" field)

40A 12V or 24V fuel/starter/pre-heat/
load/ control
external power relays.

From 3.00 (each)

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