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Auto start modules

Model: AECM105

The Model AECM105 is a new generation of AECM designed to automatically / remotely and manually start and stop the engine either by using wired remote start input (so called 2 wire start) or via optionally fitted devices: 24/7 digital timer, wireless key fob(s) or/and Battery Voltage Sensor. The wireless key fob control allows to start and stop the engine remotely within approximately 100 m distance (1000 m/ 3000m distance is optional). The actual working distance depends on many factors and could be much less than 100 m for instance if the key fob is used inside the building. The Battery Voltage Sensor (BVS) controls the engine starting battery voltage by default (or external battery bank if the customer ask us to modify their controller) and able to start the engine automatically upon registering Low Voltage Threshold (LVT) 11.8Vdc (default setting). This LVT can be re-adjusted by customer on-site. It will continue to run the engine until the engine starting battery becomes fully charged at 13.8Vdc (default setting). When BVS register the High Voltage Threshold (HVT) it will shut down the engine. The HVT can be also re-adjusted by customer on-site. The BVS can work with voltages up to 30Vdc (12V and 24V batteries supported). AECM105 will indicate the operational status and fault conditions, automatically shut down the engine and indicate the start engine failure by flashing "START FAIL" LED on the front panel. Other faults are indicated by steady LED. Remote wired operation of the module is via single pole normally open maintained switch connected between terminal #5 (wire 1) and battery negative terminal #13 (wire GR/Y). The switch is shown on wiring diagram as "RST".. Read more...

Key Features
Remote wired start and stop (default function)
Low oil pressure shut down (default function)
High engine temperature shut down (default function)
Manual / Remote shutdown by pressing emergency stop push button (default function)
Over speed shut down (default function)
Under speed shut down (default function)
Self-regulated duration of each attempt (default function)
All outputs are protected from overload by resettable multi fuse
Very low power consumption in stand-by mode (10mA max)
All parameters are user configurable (prior to order)
Optional Features
24/7 Timer control (optional function, available at checkout)
Automatic pre-heat before start via glow plug (optional function, available at checkout)
Automatic load control (optional function, available at checkout)
BVS (Battery Voltage Sensor) control (optional function, available at checkout)
Can be programmed to work with normally open fuel solenoid valve, so-called "Energize-to-Stop" (optional function, please use the section "Extra Items/Features" shown below)
Wireless start (optional function, please use the section "Extra Items/Features" shown below)
Multi-core cable fitted (optionallly fitted item, please use the section "Extra Items/Features" shown below)
2 core cable fitted (BVS input). Optionallly fitted item, please use the section "Extra Items/Features" shown below
Extra Items/Features
Add the required feature or item to your AECM105 controller
"Energise-to-stop" function for your AECM controller
If your generator fuel solenoid valve is normally open type-please select this option in order to receive a correctly manufactured and programmed control module which will be able to operate these devices.
Tip: Normally Open fuel solenoid valve doesn't require any power to start and run the set, however it has to be powered up for about 5-15sec to cut the fuel off and stop the engine.
40A External power relay
Select this option if your generator or engine doesn't have any slave relays fitted. Many of the generator valves and solenoids have high currents and it may become necessary to “buffer” the control module against harmful currents.
Please select the right quantity of power relays: if you order a basic control module you would possibly need only 2 power relays to operate a starter motor and fuel solenoid. Select 3 power relays if pre-heat control is also included into your order.
This is an incredibly versatile yet highly
functional thermostat controller. With
this module you can intelligently control
power to most types of electrical device
based on the temperature sensed by the
included high accuracy NTC
temperature sensor. Although this
module has an embedded
microcontroller no programming
knowledge is required. 3 tactile switches
allow for configuring various parameters
including on & off trigger temperatures.
The on board relay can switch up to a
maximum of 240V AC at 5A or 14V DC
at 10A. The current temperature is
displayed in degrees Centigrade via its 3
digit seven segment display and the
current relay state by an on board LED.
Emergency stop button
Emergency stop switch push button with 1 normally closed and 1 normally open contacts
Built-in screw-type connecting terminals
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) : 600V
Thermal Current (Ith):10A
Mushroom Diameter: Approx.1.6inch / 4cm
Size (L x W x H): Approx.2.8 x 1.4 x 1.2inch /7 x 3.6 x 3cm
Material: Plastic and metal
Button Color: Red
Note: Reset by turning the button as the arrows show and don't turn inversely
This power relay box can be used as an end-of-line generator engine management device to power up the starter motor, fuel solenoid valve, glow plug and any other extra device fitted (for instance load control relay). Each relay output is protected by removable 30A fuse and could be supplied as 2x relay, 3x relay or 4x relay box. We will reduce the number of terminals and fuses to match the number of relays ordered (when ordered less than 4 relays). Please select the number of relays fitted in the box from the drop down menu shown above.
The box is a weatherproof type, size: 115 x 90 x 68 mm with cable gland fitted for your convenience.
All inputs (1...10) are 6.3 mm spade type connectors. Each relay can be powered up by applying +12V to 3, 4, 7, 6 terminals.
Please use the wiring diagram shown below to perform correct fitment. Any questions-please don't hesitate to ask. We can customise these relays as N/C contact output if required.
Wireless key fob to be paired (please select the range)
This key fob will be paired to the Auto Start Control Module you would like to order from us. This key fob cannot be sold separately from the Auto Start Control Module! The actual working distance may vary and depends on working environment.
Two Core YY cable fitted (BVS input)
2- Core YY Control Cable fitted. Please select the number of metres required.
Multi- Core YY cable fitted
Multi- Core YY Control Cable fitted. Please select the number of metres required.
AECM105 Wiring Diagram
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