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Kipor KDE6700T Auto Start

Auto start modules

Model: AECM105 for Kipor KDE6700T

User Manual

AECM105 for Kipor KDE6700T remote / auto start. Description

The Model AECM105 is an Automatic Petrol Engine Control Module designed to automatically [remotely] or manually start and stop the Kipor KDE6700T generator. It will indicate the operational status and fault conditions, automatically shut down the engine and indicate the start engine failure by a flashing ST. FAIL LED on the front panel. Other faults are indicated by steady LED.

Please note: it is required to unplug the original ignition key switch and reconnect the AECM105 module's terminals instead.

Operation of the module is via 2 position maintained switch or latching push button [marked as RST switch on wiring diagram] mounted on a wall or any other suitable place with ON-OFF positions. Wireless control of the module is via key fob [optional]. Read more...

Key Features

  • IP67 rated enclosure

  • Remote / Local start and stop

  • Self-regulated duration of each attempt

  • Wireless start / stop (optional, please consider using table "A" shown below)

  • Very low power consumption in stand-by mode (10mA max)

  • All parameters are user configurable (prior to order)

Table A

Optional Features/Items




24/7 Digital timeswitch fitted inside


Wireless start / stop
remote control (key fob)

(no battery fitted)

from 22.00

BVS Sensor
(Battery Voltage Sensor)


12V 1A Lead acid trickle charger


Multi-core YY cable

3.00 (per M)
Note: Please select the number of metres during checkout (use "Quantity" field)

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