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For HY3600SEi

Wireless Control > Hyundai Generators
Hyundai generator HY3600SEi compatible wireless ignition key switch replacement.
Simply unplug your Hyundai ignition key switch and re-connect the male connector part to our controller 6 pin socket. Power up the receiver by connecting red wire to battery +12V and black wire to battery negative. Leave the controller outside the canopy to achieve better reception. The controller comes with 1 key fob ( up to 100m working distance) and 6 pin plug pre-wired.

Press button "A" on your key fob (ignition ON state) then press and hold button "B" to crank the engine. Ones engine started, release button "B".
To stop the engine: press buttob "A" again. Do not leave the generator stationary with ignition "ON" too long, it may soon discharge the starting battery.
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